Is your book what Hollywood is looking for? An exciting narrative with action, romance and a dash of humor? A moving drama with wonderful characters that actors would love to play? Now all you need is to get it noticed!

At our Book to Film Company, we specialize in creating the materials authors need to submit their books to Hollywood. How do we know what Hollywood wants? Because we are Writers Guild of America screenwriters with decades of Hollywood experience, and dozens of produced feature films to our credit.

We are the real deal.

And we have the inside info and insight into how things really work…

First off, know this:


Shocking? Yes. True? Absolutely.

You ship your book off to an agent, a producer, a studio executive with a nice note… and if the package is even opened (some will not accept unsolicited material), your book will go to the bottom of a stack and sit there, unread. Producers and agents don’t have a lot of time. They don’t read a lot of books. Unless it’s a bestseller, or from a known author. Instead, they have readers who do it for them. But readers are busy too, and pick and choose.

How do they choose? A book has to grab them. Well, how does it do that if they haven’t read it… Catchy cover or title? Not likely. Instead, they look at the professional materials you submitted with the book. Because – as opposed to a 400 page novel – they will read your treatment and your pitch sheet. Don’t know what these are? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that. But let’s assume you have, and you sent them with the book. Now, if these grab them, chances are they will read your book.

As professional screenwriters, we know this to be true.

And more importantly, we know how to create these materials.

Our services include professional treatments and pitch sheets, as well as screenplay outlines and full script adaptations. Not sure if your book has film potential? We also offer book to film critiques which will assess your work’s potential, and give you advice and ideas on how to improve.