Book to Film Critique

Not sure if your book has film potential? Let us do a comprehensive critique and assess its strengths and weakness, and outline what the film version would look like. $475.00.


Your 10-12 page treatment will be written for you by a produced screenwriter and be ready to use to submit your book to agents, producers and studio executives. Each treatment includes a Pitch Sheet. Starting at $2,500.00 – $3,500.00; depending on material.

Screenplay Adaptations

Hire a WGA writer to adapt your book and do so at a fraction of what it would cost a studio or producer to do. Trump everyone else by submitting your book with a screenplay adaptation already completed. Full screenplay adaptations start at $10,000.00.

Pitch Sheet

Already have a treatment and need a pitch sheet? No problem, we can do for just $125.00.

Screenplay Critique

We will read your script and give you an analysis of where you are, what you need to improve and suggestions to take it to the next level. $475.00.