So what is a treatment? A treatment is a cross between a synopsis and an outline that shows exactly what your future screenplay will look like. It is a framework that presents the most cinematic version of your book, told in the three act structure used by all screenwriters, and recognized by all executives. It is the filmic version of your story that will let industry professionals see its Hollywood potential. This is why it is advised that treatments be written by professional writers, who know what producers are looking for and who can cast your narrative in the right structure and with its cinematic strong points highlighted.

Treatments are usually 10 to 12 pages long and are submitted alongside your book (and usually with an even shorter pitch sheet and logline – a sentence or two that captures your book – more about that later). The pitch sheet and treatment are what the producer, executive, director or agent will read first. The goal is to sell them on your material so that you have a shot at them actually reading the book. Without these your book will get put on the bottom of the stack and likely never looked at again. Sad, but true. Treatments can also be used to submit your book to important industry sites where producers go to ‘shop’ for material. A compelling treatment posted on a site like InkTip will draw inquiries from potential buyers. Treatments start at $2,500 to $3,500 depending on the material; email for more information.

What we will do:

  • A professional will read your book and match it to the screenwriter best suited for your genre.

  • The WGA screenwriter will adapt your work into the 10 to 12 page treatment that becomes the blueprint for your eventual screenplay

  • A pitch sheet along with logline can be created too

  • Your treatment + pitch sheet are now ready to accompany your novel on submissions to agents and producers. They can also be posted on sites like InkTip where producers go to look for new material. And while we do not agent, we certainly can advise!


The Pitch Sheet is the even shorter rendition of your book. The one page pitch sheet starts off with a logline, which is a one or two sentence encapsulation of its essence. A logline for the film “E.T.” for example might be ‘The story of a lonely, young boy who discovers a lost alien in his backyard, and by helping the creature to find its way home, learns the true meaning of friendship.” The pitch sheet then gives the narrative in just a few short, catchy paragraphs, again, giving the most cinematic rendition. The trick here is that less is more as these folks have little time and often short attention spans – so it is necessary to grab them with a strong hook. There is an art to writing a pitch sheet which is why we let the experts do it.

Pitch Sheets are INCLUDED with your Treatment. Have a treatment and need a Pitch Sheet? We can do for only $125.


Not sure if your book is suited for the silver screen? We can also do a Book to Film Critique and assess its potential, its strength and weakness, and most importantly, lay out what would be the best way to adapt the material. Any changes we suggest do NOT have to be revised in the book but would be incorporated into a treatment should you wish to proceed. Critiques are $475.00.


Ready to go the next step and have a screenwriter turn your book into a screenplay? Hire one of our produced writers and see your work transformed. We work with a pool of writers and so can match your material to someone versed and experience with the genre. Individual quotes based on the material; full screenplay adaptations start at $10,000.

 What we will do:

  • A professional will read your book and match it to the screenwriter best suited for your genre.

  • The WGA screenwriter will first create a three act outline and send to you for your input and approval

  • Upon approval, the screenwriter will turn your book into a screenplay, but take no credit and no participation. All rights remain with you.

  • Your script is now ready to submit to agents and studios!


Already have a script? Have us do a Screenplay Critique and get honest feedback on where you are, and what you need to do to improve it. We also offer rewrite services: have a professional polish your script and make it letter perfect and ready for submissions.